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Patastrophe5 Patastrophe4 TOOLBOX
Cover image for ’Patastrophe! #5
May 2022
Cover image for ’Patastrophe! #4
Feb 2022
Toolbox is a series of three books published in 2021 and distributed to prisoners in the UK.
Covid-19 limited the possibilty of running creative projects in prisons, so these books are designed to give prisoners some stimulating and entertaining activities. The contributors to the books are artists, scientists, writers, comedians, curators, producers, and editors.
Book design and production by Slim Smith.
fated Toolbox dreams

Fated - a comic-collage confabulation appears in ’Patastrophe! #5 from Surrealerpool

A series of four collages for Toolbox Blue 2021, responding to dream diary prompts by Sally Foreman.

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Imaging hie eyes there

“Imagining his eyes there” featured in Kolaj Magazine show at Merz Gallery in Sanquhar, Scotland.
The image is also included the first issue of ’Patastrophe! magazine from Surrealerpool


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