Slim Smith
Sleepy Goldfish Wildlife Charlemagne Palestine Cramps

Sleepy Goldfish - lullabies CD cover

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T-shirt design for Strawberry Fair 2016 Charlemagne Palestine - press advert - bears and photo turned into slavic iconography 2017 Cramps 'Human Fly' badge design for Better Badges 1978
Barry Melton

Self Portrait

"When I walk the dog, people stop and talk.
But they only talk to the dog, about dog topics. My identity has faded away and I have become invisible"

Cat Catcher Bugboy
Barry Melton (of Country Joe & The Fish)
tour poster 2003
The invisible dog-walker's self-portrait

Cat Catcher' by Caroline Shaw. Published by Serpents Tail. Design and illustration

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Bugboy. Published in Knockabout Comics 1984

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Black Panthers    

Black Panthers 'Up Against The Wall' 1998

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