Slim Smith

Berkshire Rebel

Berkshire Angel
Berkshire Rebel cider 2017 Berkshire Angel cider 2018

Mazing Mulberry

Cloudy Katy Crazy beets Rasp N pash
Mazing Mulberry 2019 Cloudy Katy 2019 Crazy Beets 2020 Rasp 'n' Pash 2020
solstice streaker fizzbomb drop dead dry
Solstice 2020 Streaker 2020 Fizz Bomb 2020 Drop Dead Dry 2020



Cool as milk

Afghan Whigs


Swede-ish 2020

Charles Bukowski 'At Terror Street And Agony Way' spoken word CD cover design

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Inspiral Carpets promotional milk bottle

The Afghan Whigs 'Gentlemen' 12' and 7" singles. A film still from 'The Lost Weekend' featuring Ray Milland had to be altered when permission was denied. Milland's head was replaced by that of John next door.

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