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Mika Vainio
Toolbox is a series of three books published in 2021 and distributed to prisoners in the UK.
Maggie Calderbank poetry book design 2021 Greg Wilson's Discotheque Archives 2020

Mika Vainio memorial book 2019

Toxteth Day of the Dead Renaissance


Tocky Dolls
Toxteth Day of the Dead - Beating the Bounds
The Renaissance of Mathew Street 2018 Morrissey 'Peepholism'
Book design and layout
Toxteth Dolls of the Dead 2020



Iain Sinclair


Subversion Cat catcher



Iain Sinclair '70x70'
Standard book design above and limited edition packaged in film can.

Subversion in the Street of Shame
Book design 1994
Featuring: Emmanuel Litvinoff, Patrick Wright, John Healy, Iain Sinclair, Christopher Petit, Robin Cook, Brian Catling, Cris Cheek, Aaron Williamson, Marc Atkins, Peter Whitehead, Alan Moore, Stewart Home
Cat Catcher book cover design







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