Lost Doctor Lost Plot Sandra-Savalas Kusk
Lost Doctor collage for the Lost Doctor annual
The Lost Plot event February 2023 I made a mash-up of Yul Brynner and Sandra Dee because I liked their penetrating gaze.
The image has now been used on a flyer for a Thought Crime gig in February. 2024
gas giants 1 gas giants 2 gas giants 3  
Gas giants series
Published in ’Patastrophe! #7
Toolbox dreams London Life    
A series of four collages for Toolbox Blue, responding to dream diary prompts. London Life 2022  
shes leaving home Quark Alice The Femmarion
The Unseen Lands The Ray Queen

Twelve images through 2021

Bodge magazine 2021

The Femmarion

’Patastrophe! magazine 2020

Patastrophe cover Alfred jarry Patastrophe Collage
’Patastrophe! Magazine No.2
Front cover image
'VéloJarry' image published in ’Patastrophe! Magazine No.2 'Rue Paradis' image published in ’Patastrophe! Magazine No.2 A Piano Compressed
Bonzos M25 De Media

Bonzo Dog illustration for Shindig magazine

M25 London Orbital
Design and montage for event at the Barbican

Exhibition of collage work at De Media, Eeklo, The Netherlands 1992.

Strawberry Fair

Practical Zombie

7000 Mysteries Captain Destiny

Illustration and design 2011

Practical Zombie postcard

7000 Mysteries Detective Magazine.
Collage zine 1983
(with Chris Furby)

Captain Destiny.
Published in Heretic Visions 1981


Workforce Desmond Simmons Inspiral Carpets
Pop Will Eat Itself 'Love Missile f1-11'
Design and illustration
Devo bootleg
Design and illustration
Desmond Simmons 'Alone On Penguin Island'
Design and illustration
Inspiral Carpets 'Life'
Design and illustration




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