Slim Smith
Strata Rock Dust Stars

Branding for 'Strata Rock Dust Stars' event to be held in York in 2018.

Branding for the same event to be held in Panama, below.

Strata Rocas
Mountain Language
Poster image for forthcoming theatrical production 2018
dooleyday-part-1 Renaissance of Mathew Street
Dooleyday - illustration for book cover 2018
The book is a re-imagined history of Arthur Dooley, written by Tom Calderbank
The Renaissance of Mathew Street
Published by Liverpool Arts Lab 2018
Sleepy Goldfish Big Box Little Box
Sleepy Goldfish - lullabies 2017 Logo for kids' rave club in Ibiza 2018
Berkshire Rebel   Berkshire Rebel
Berkshire Rebel cider label design 2017
Charlemagne Palestine
Charlemagne Palestine - bears and photo turned into slavic iconography 2017


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