Our Place Exchange Station L8 Mycelium
Shakespeare & Our Place in the Universe 2022 The Mycelium network logo 2022
petpod City Cycling
Petpod logo 2020
Branding for pet coffins
Exchange Station 2019
Branding for series of stories
L8 Community Cycling Club 2022
City Cycling logo 2022
Branding for cycling event
Cosmic Disobey Strata Goldfrapp
Logo for Cambridge Science Centre for Cosmic event 2015 Logo for Disobey Club 1994 Logo for Strata Rocas Polvo Estrellas exhibition Panama City 2018 Hand-drawn logo for Goldfrapp
Big Box Little Box Psychedelic Cycling Society King Mob Interpop
Logo for kids' rave club in Ibiza 2018 Logo for the Psychedelic Cycling Society 2019 Logo for King Mob events, publications and music releases Logo for Mute Records subsidiary Interpop
Toxteth Dub of the Dead Chunky Monkey Hackney Dissenting

Toxteth Day Of The Dead logo 2018

Dub of the Dead 2019 Chunky Monkey 2015 Hackney Dissenting Academy 2018
Tricycle Theatre 1978 amorphons GigsOut Mean
Tricycle Theatre 1978 Logo for amorphons band 1978 Logo for GigsOut music listings site 2005 Mean Recordings 1990




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