Poster for Cambridge Science Centre 2015

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Sun Ra

Sun Ra 'Live in London 1990'
Logo design and montage

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Sun Ra

Sun Ra box set - Space Is The Place
Design and montage

Interstellar Overdrive

Interstellar Overdrive
Magazine design

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Interstellar 6

Inspiral Carpets

Inspiral Carpets 'Life'
Design and illustration

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Page from World Technology Intelligence


Komputer 'Terminus'
Design and 3D graphics
The concept of the record was based on a JG Ballard story where astronauts find an abandoned space station and the more they explore it, the larger it becomes.

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Pop Will Eat Itself 'Love Missile F1-11'
Design and illustration

Moog Concordance

The Moog Concordance

Warp leatherette

Warp Leatherette
Unfinished comic project

Strata Rock Dust Stars

Branding for 'Strata Rock Dust Stars' event to be held in York in 2018.

Branding for the same event to be held in Panama, below.

Strata Rocas

Cosmic punt

Rocket punt







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