Slim Smith

’Patastrophe! No.2

The journal of Surrealerpool Collage of Flâneurial, Alchymical and ’Pataphysical Studies

Issue number two
Published 15 May 2020
210mm x 210mm
ISBN 9781910467152

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Feature articles: ‘Shakespeare and Alchymical Theatre’ by Kathleen O’Leary, ‘Baudelaire and The Flâneur’ by Roland Saxment, and Max Ernst’s ‘The Robing of the Bride’ by Roland Saxment.
Original writing: Bill Bulloch, Susan Comer, Patrick Dineen, Lucy Granville, Hubert Huzzah, Shelda-Jane Smith, Jeff Young, Tom Calderbank and Claudia Boulton.
Art and photography: Kate Alderton, Jane MacNeil, Dai Owen, Shelda-Jane Smith, Slim Smith, Michelle Watson.
Games: Linda Bromilow, Slim Smith.




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