Slim Smith
Ken Kesey Band of Susans KLF Workforce
Ken Kesy & Ken Babbs & The Merry Pranksters 'Acid Tests Vol.1'
Design and illustration

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Band Of Susans 'Here Comes Success' 1994

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The KLF 'Justified & Ancient'

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Devo bootleg
Design and illustration

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Berkshire Rebel

De Media

M25 Amorphons
Berkshire Rebel cider 2017 Exhibition of collage work at De Media, Eeklo, The Netherlands 1992. M25 London Orbital
Design and montage for event at the Barbican
Logo for Amorphons band 1978

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Pedal Press City Farm Liver bird bicycle Camcycle
Pedal Press magazine design 2017

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City Farm film poster 1981

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Liverpool cycling logo 2017

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Cycling infographics for CamCycle


  Rocket powered punt for Cambridge Science Centre 2015 Pop Will Eat Itself 'Beaver Patrol'
Back cover illustration

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